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    Wednesday, July 04, 2012

    emLab - Prec. in Vardar River Basin (Mkd and Gr)

    Stage of expected precipitated water
    For the period of 06.28.2012 to 07.04.2012
    In the borders of whole Vardar River Basin (Macedonia and Greece)
    Maximum expected precipitations (l/24h) was: 0.00*0.00*0.00*2.05*0.00*0.89
    Minimum expected precipitations (l/24h) was: *0.00*0.00*0.00*0.01*0.00*0.00
    Expected volume of precipitated water (mil. m^3/24h) was: 0.0*0.0*0.0*0.0*0.0*0.0
    In the period of this 7 days, is estimated sum of precipitated water: 0 milions metars cubic water.
    Data from NCEP.


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